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Date: 1st July 2016
PVC Steel Wire Pipe Machine
PVC steel wire reinforced hose production line is suitable to produce PVC spiral steel wire reinforced hose,Website:http://www.kdextrusion.com, it consists of one extruder, spiral steel wire forming unit, cooling flume, haul-off unit and winder.Line ModelExtruderModelProductionScopeProductionSpeedOutputNominal PowerGR-63SJ-65/25?20-63mm2-10m/min90kg/h55KWGR-160SJ-90/25?75-160mm2-6m/min240kg/h80KW?The PVC steel wire reinforced hose have the advantage of pressure and corrosive resistance, negative pressure and bend resistance. It is used to convey the gas, liquid and powder material. It is widely used in industry, agriculture, architecture, water conservancy irrigation and dust collector, etc.?PVC hose production line adopts high speed and efficient extruder,ensuring plasticizing quality and output.?Special designed steel wire winding machine can achieve high winding speed, even winding space and longer continuous production time.?Special designed coating type die head can produce high quality hose with high transparency, and even wire distribution.?The hose production line adopts imported electrical elements for stable and reliable running.All control buttons are humanized design, easy for operation.