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Date: 1st July 2016
Overlapped PERT Al PERT Pipe Machine
This PERT AL PERT Pipe Line,Website:http://www.kdextrusion.com, is used to produce 5 layers composite aluminum-plastics pipe, PERT materials + Adhesive materials + Aluminum material+ Adhesive materials + PERT materials. This kind of PERT AL PERT pipe is mainly applied for Floor heating system, hot water conveying,etc.?Line ModelExtruder ModelL/DProduction ScopeProduction ? ? ?SpeedNominal PowerSJ-45SJ-45/45/3030/25/25:1?16-32mm12m/min93KWSJ-65SJ- 65/65/3033/33/25:1?16-63mm12m/min154KW? High Efficient Extruder? This high efficient extruder of this Al-plastic composite pipe line is specially independently designed by KAIDE company.?? Consists of :Inner PERT Layer Extruder, Inner Glue Layer Extruer, Outer PERT Layer Extruder, Outer Glue Layer Extruder .? Ultrasonic overlap welder? The Aluminum pipe is formed by ultrasonic overlapped welding. It uses high quality and well-known brand welder, with even welding seam and good quality. ?? ? ???Aluminum pipe forming moulds?The technology has been further developed based on original production machine technology.?The Aluminum pipe forming molds and co-extrusion die head molds have been optimized and manufactured by imported high precise CNC machine, which have greatly increased the pipe forming accuracy and production speed.?PLC control systemThe five layers aluminum plastic pipe line adopts original Siemens new generation PLC control system with full color screen, which ensures the high speed synchronous control and reliable operating of the whole production line.