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Date: 1st July 2016
Microducts Bundles Making Machine
This Microducts bundles extrusion machine is used to produce the new type communication pipe,Website:http://www.kdextrusion.com, called tube bundle. The tube bundle is made by one micro duct or more than one micro ducts grouped according to a certain arrangement order with outer sheathing layer. It can hold more conduits in the limited space.? High Precision Mechanical Components? ?Specially designed die head moulds according to the numbers of tube bundles.?? ?Reasonable uncoiler layout according to numbers of tube bundles .? ?Stable performance haul-off machine,equipped with 8 air cylinder.? Micro tube size and tube bundle information:Item No.OuterDiameter (mm)Innerdiameter (mm)Thickness (mm)DirectInstallation Tube Bundle (Tube number)Direct bury TubeBundle ? (Tube number); 4; 7; 12; 19;24; 27?Outer thickness: 1.7mm2; 4; 7; 12; 19; 24;27;Outerthickness:3.4mm27.03.51.7537.05.50.7548.06.01.0510.08.01.01; 2; 4; 7;?Outer lthickness: 1.7mm1;2;4;7; ? Outer thickness: 3.4mm612.08.02.0712.010.01.01;2;4;7;?Outer ?thickness: 1.7mm1;2;4;7; ? ?Outer thickness: 3.4mm814.012.01.0914.010.02.01016.012.02.01116.014.01.0