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Date: 1st July 2016
3 Layers HDPE Pipe Machine
The HDPE pipe production line adopts the specialized high efficient wear-resistant extruder for middle layer,Website:http://www.kdextrusion.com, which ensures high speed extrusion and guarantee the long service life of extruder while using recycled material.Line ModelScrew ? ? ?DiameterL/DProduction ? ? ?ScopeProduction ? ? ?SpeedNominal ? ? ?PowerSJ-75?75/65mm36/33:1?20-63mm50m/min225KWSJ-60?60/50mm36/33:1?20-63mm35m/min180KWSJ-60?60/65mm36/33:1?75-160mm1-10m/min210KWSJ-80?80/65mm33:1?110-315mm0.8-8m/min260KWSJ-90?90/65mm33:1?200-450mm0.3-3m/min350KWSJ-90?90/80mm36/33:1?315-630mm0.2-2m/min550KW?Co-Extrusion Die Head? Patented special designed adjustable co-extrusion die head, can ensure even thickness of three layers, and get ideal thickness quickly.? Each layer thickness can be adjusted freely; no need to adjust the extruder?s rotating speed.? PLC Control System??The HDPE pipe extrusion line adopts original Siemens new generation PLC control system, which ensures the high speed synchronous control and reliable operating of the whole production line.? Manufactured Pipe? The manufactured PE pipe is with smooth appearance, its inner and outer layer can easily get the thickness of 0.1mm, by the adjustable die head.? It is the perfect choice for most domestic and overseas customers,because of the easily controlled production cost and the impossibility of re-contamination to the convey medium